Labour Hire

labour Hire

Scorpian Group once again lays the foundation of what acceptable service should be like. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible workforce that meets the Client’s company’s needs for both short term or long Term Projects. Our aim aim is to maintain a solid, highly performing and motivated team, and a balanced working relationship with the required industry standards and needs. Once again, we pride ourselves in implementing a system our staff follow tailored and customised to your sites specific needs, which is where our tradesmen shine & differ from all other contractors. We can easily supply and supervise all your staffing needs with immediate access to suitable skilled personnel.

Labour Hire

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Labour Hire & Recruitment Services

General Labouring

An essential requirement for the completion of large scale projects are labourers onsite throughout the week to aid with all subcontractors an general builder needs. All our Labourers are also equipped with high quality PPE to highly represent our Client, as well as a dedicated management system to ensure professionalism and reliability.

RIW Ticketed Staff

Our Ticketed Staff members include the following Qualifications:
  • Working at heights
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Abestos Removal

Plant Operators & Drivers

Our Staff members include the following Qualified Personnel:
  • Manitou Drivers
  • Forklift Driver
  • Crane Operator & Dog-man
  • Excavator operator
  • First Aid Certificate

Our Staff Members do not stand out due to their high qualifications, they stand out due to the implementation of a robust customised system tailored to each site, enforced by our supervisors.

Civil Construction Workers

Our Experienced Civil workers present the following skills:
  • Experience in precast concrete panel installation, noise walls and concreting / form work,
  • Relevant hands-on experience
  • Excellent communication skills, reliable, hardworking and well-organised with a high attention to detail,
  • Focused on “getting the job done” with a strong eye for detail, often a university student (construction management, civil engineering)