Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Systems

Scorpian’s Core Values are Fundamental to compliance with the professional standards that we set, monitor and comply with in our company. It is a requirement to adhere to the core values of the organisation. The core values of Scorpian are fundamental to what we are, and what gives us an edge.

How Scorpian Self Maintains its Quality Assurance systems:

Audits across the workplace, management, supervision Teams and all Employees. This system allows us to ensure an efficient and professional workplace.

Responsive customer complaints Service.

Regular gathering and monitoring of customers feedback. Management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints.

Regular audits of our internal management processes.

Measurable and changing quality goals and objectives which reflect our business aims

Maintaining Safety on High-Risk Construction, commercial jobs and Road Works.

The Management

“Your Safety is our number one priority”

Our WHS Policy clearly states our high regard for Employee well-being, both physically and mentally. Health of our staff, and our client is of paramount importance and is not taken lightly.

  • All Employees are signed on to Safe Work Method Statements per site (SWMS) as well as maintain risk assessments Monthly.
  • All Recruits with any Tickets, licenses or maintain any Verification of Competencies have them audited to be from a credible college/Institution and Recorded Safely.
  • Records Management both in Short term hard copies, and long term Private Server stoarge
  • Automated Systems that alerts employees of any due to expire License or VoC’s
  • All Employees and recruits go through an extensive Pre-employment interview, followed by an intensive induction into our company system as well as client induction.
  • All high to moderate risk jobs require employees to undergo drug and medical screening before project engagement.
  • All Pre-requisited PPE (Branded, Government Code of Hi-Vis) is issued to our employees and maintained strictly to the highest standards of cleanliness. Our Presentation if of the upmost important to our team and for you.

Training - Partnered with Skillsify (RTO)

We at Scorpian Value the training of our staff members highly. Standard training is enough to get a job done, however optimal training and constant memory-joggers are what differentiate an attentive & caring worker from the average.

Security works always requires attention and constant supervision, assessment of a situation and rapid response times. Thus, forth, with consultation from our clients, Scorpian has created a specialised induction process for our Traffic Controllers, Security Personnel and Construction Workers.

Quality Assurance