Security Services

Security Services

We have established ourselves as a leading Security services company operating in retail and mobile patrol services as well as CIT (Cash In Transit). Our reputation is founded on delivering long term security solutions as well as manpower at short notice for our resource Partners and clientele. Our vision is to be an industry leading security solutions company founded on providing quality guards, outstanding compliance documentation systems, guards at short notice as well as long term partnerships ensuring our clients relationships are protected with our services.
In pursuit of our greater vision, we are committed in ensuring that our business is conducted ethically, with trust and integrity so that we build upon the quality of our people to become the partner of choice for our clients.

Security Services

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Our Security Services

Secure Cash In Transit

Scorpian security provides cash in transit and secure logistics. We provide coin and money counters safety, and special vehicles equipped with high end security and trace-ability for safe transport of money and valuables.


Concierge Security

Trained Concierge officer providing a combination of high qualified security services and customer services. Includes access and egress control. Front line reception for your staff and your visitors, switchboard operations either performing overall functions incorporating task a security receptionist.


Close Personal Protection (EP)

Executive protection is its own highly specialised field within the private security industry. Elite executive protection professionals will have specialised training in executive protection


Security Risk Management

Management of security risks applies the principles of risk management to the management of security threats.


Mobile Patrols & Alarm Responses

Our mobile patrols are a highly effective visual and physical deterrent, used to move unauthorised people off site and deter theft.


Security Officers

Specially trained officer carries out adaptive needs for a single customer since the services requires knowledge about the customer and close cooperation towards them. Scorpian Officers are always for your service.